“We were scared about this huge commitment, but Weitzer Company’s clear and constant communication gave us a sense of trust and personal control.”

Some Call it “Transparency”

For Weitzer Company, it’s who we are.

When someone calls us, we call them back. Pretty much right away. That’s where it starts. From the first phone call to the final ribbon cutting, it’s all about excellent communication and great collaboration. Whether we are speaking with you or with each other, we are big on keeping the lines open every step of the way.

Your Vision is Our Vision
We approach a job with the attitude that you have a precious vision, and we are here to make it real. After hearing what you have to share, we go deeper into inquiry, and reflect back to you what we heard, verbally and in writing. Then with you, we co-create a final desired outcome.

The Power is in Your Hands
Our next duty is to come together as experts to hash out the details, problem solve, and put a price on every aspect of realizing your dream. By presenting our proposal with itemized expenses, you are empowered to make decisions line by line. If you decide the Italian tile is too pricey, let us know and we’ll offer some beautiful, functional, yet more affordable options. While it’s more work for us up front, your detailed project proposal is our first step in avoiding surprises and mid-project change orders. That’s a win for all of us.

The Right Doors, Right on Time
Avoiding surprises is one of the beauties of our Design-Build process. Weitzer Company (and therefore YOU) are in control of every aspect of the job. Our project managers are in constant communication so that, for example, when our guy comes to hang your doors, our other guy has assured that the doors are there on time, and they are the exact ones you wanted.

No Strangers in the Night
We keep each other apprised at all times so that we can keep you in the loop of comings and goings. We keep track of every bit of information and pass it around to all project managers on at least a weekly basis. This way, you will never have a situation where a plumber shows up unscheduled right when you are heading out on date night.

Changes Happen
They are inevitable, but what will never happen is a change you haven’t agreed to –  well in advance if possible. We are sticklers about getting any change information to the client rather than withhold it and muddle around in the background. Even if we foresee something that may or may not need to be changed, we will give you a heads up so that you can trust your budget is being met and we can all sleep at night.

We Know You’re Nervous
There are few things scarier in life than spending a huge chunk of money on your building project. You have to have trust. Trust is one of the reasons we have clients coming back to us project after project, house after house.

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”   —Stephen Covey

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