For 25 years, Weitzer Company has delivered renovation, remodel and new construction service to Portland and surrounding area residents. We take pride in our proven ability to create artful, livable, lasting spaces. From breathing new life into an old kitchen to building a business space from the ground up, we have the process, the team and the vetted vendor partners that will bring your vision to life.  


A Family Tradition of Craftsmanship

NIck WeitzerNick Weitzer learned woodworking from his father, Harry Weitzer, a nationally recognized furniture designer and master wood worker. Nick apprenticed and worked for Oregon’s most elite, high-end builders, designing and crafting cabinet and woodwork installations.

In 1992 Nick started his own company providing innovative solutions in many construction arenas.

At Weitzer Company Nick has fostered an understanding that the client is at the center of the work. Over the years, he has gathered a team that carries with pride, the Weitzer legacy of craftsmanship, creativity, and excellent communication.


A Unique Approach that Puts You First



Building is ultimately about turning a dream into reality. The client is at the center of our work – our first priority is to listen carefully to your ideas and reflect back to you what we heard to ensure we understand your vision. We help you think into the unknown, offering positive, practical solutions to complicated issues, and making your ideas sing. It sounds simple, but requires cultivated skills, substantial “know-how” and seasoned resources to accomplish.

Here’s what our clients have to say about collaborating with us



Good design is a marriage of beauty and functionality – whether it’s creating a livable, comfortable space that can grow with the family, or a business space that encourages engagement and customer flow.  Our team of designers employ their creative and technical expertise to bring you a design that achieves your goals while matching your budget.  Your designer is your project manager. This means the details that went into your design are seamlessly carried forward into the construction process.

Here’s what our clients have to say about collaborating with us



Our carpenters and subcontractors are among the best in the industry. They are true craftsmen who take pride in working under the Weitzer Company banner. In addition, we have well developed project management processes. This means your project will have a defined budget; a clear schedule; a detailed specification; and changes will be communicated proactively and in a clear way that makes them easy for you to understand.

Here’s what our clients have to say about collaborating with us


We All Love What We Do

We know without a doubt, that Weitzer Company’s value to you is our experienced, committed and skilled team of designers, carpenters, craftsmen, painters and project managers.

We are a tightly knit group with deep experience and a broad background in the world of designing and building. In addition, our subcontractors are well vetted professionals and are considered a part of our team.  They know that, when they are on one of our jobs, they represent Weitzer Company.  Our high expectations for job site etiquette is explicit and communicated clearly.  This means you can feel comfortable and secure when your project is in the construction stage.

Most of all though, we love what we do and come to work every day wanting to do it.  We are creativity in action!

Our Fearless Leader

Nick Weitzer

Nick Weitzer

Nick leads the team with a collaborative style, asking his team to step up to challenges and come with solutions. In his free time Nick is a fantastic harmonica player and percussionist, performing regularly with the band “Funkship”.

The Team

Chena Weitzer Controller

Chena Weitzer

Chena has worked with Nick since 2005 as bookkeeper and financial manager. When the business moved out of their home, she brought a sense of home to the new space. She’s a passionate gardener who enjoys creating healthy green urban landscapes.

Pat Lee Bookkeeper

Pat Lee

Pat brings an incredibly warm heart and deep respect to all he encounters.  In his spare time he enjoys playing rock and roll.

Joseph Nguyen
Designer · Project Manager

A native Portlander who loves to travel, Joseph has moved back to his home town. A licensed Interior Designer with experience in commercial and residential design, he has worked in Los Angeles, Seattle and throughout much of Asia. He likes to spend time with his family, enjoys good food and loves playing with Emi his French Bulldog.

Mike DeMello Production Coordinator

Mike DeMello
Production Coordinator

Mike says that his favorite place on earth is where his kids are.  This is a really great thing, since he has 3 gorgeous little ones. Mike, for some crazy reason, also plays Irish Football, on Mossy’s Team.

Lyle Lindsay Lead Carpenter

Lyle Lindsay
Lead Carpenter

Lyle is a master craftsman with a big heart.  A little-known fact about Lyle is that he and Nick have been working together for 25 years.

Christian Roman
Lead Carpenter

Originally hailing from Galveston Texas, Christian is a longtime Portland resident with over 20 years of woodworking experience. He has broadened his horizons over the years through world travel. Some favorite moments include sailing the waters of New Zealand and Open Ocean Paddling off the shores of Hawaii.

Josh Fichtner Lead carpenter

Josh Fichtner
Project Manager

Josh has been bringing his wicked sense of humor, and the most amazing “can do” attitude you will ever encounter, to work at Weitzer Company for 10 years and counting.

Myint Oo Master Painter

Myint Oo
Master Painter

Myint brought his artisan painting skills to Oregon from Myanmar.  He is an avid mushroom hunter and shared his bounty generously.

Skye Cohen Lead Carpenter

Skye Cohen
Lead Carpenter

Skye is a philosopher, a student of life and someone who thrives on collaboration. He spent much of his childhood in his father’s woodworking shop and brings over 12 years of finish carpentry experience to the team.

Mark Mascorro

Mark is soft spoken and quick with a smile. When he’s not adding to his years of carpentry experience he enjoys spending time with his family.

McKenzie Troutt Carpenter

McKenzie Troutt

McKenzie, a Portland gentleman, brings incredible stamina to our team.  He is an experienced climber and has scaled many mountains, cliffs, canyons, sheets of ice, you name it.

Maurice O’Halloran Carpenter

Maurice O’Halloran

Maurice, aka “Mossy”, brings his beautiful British Isles accent to us from Ireland.  In his free time he likes to see if he can get beat up, by playing Irish Football – often called Rugby on steroids.